Wagoner History Celebrates Black History Month

The City of Wagoner was pleased to present Author Patricia Jackson on Saturday, February 18th, for a book signing at the Wagoner History Center. In celebration of Black History Month, Ms. Jackson gave a program and signed her latest book, “We Were There”: The Story of an All-American Black School During the Desegregation Era’. This event was organized by Steven L. Rhoden, Wagoner City Councilman, and Dell Davis Event Coordinator. 

In addition to Ms. Jackson, Mayor AJ Jones spoke on Wagoners’ early black-owned newspaper publishers. There was also a tribute to former Lincolnites during the program. Union Baptist Church and St. James Episcopal, Church of Wagoner, provided light refreshments and music. Lincoln School was Wagoners’ all-black school. Desegregated in 1965, Ms. Jackson and her classmates continue to hold their beloved Lincoln School in high regard, even as it existed against the backdrop of all too familiar times of turbulent racial relations.

Wagoner Lion’s Club Lake Views & BBQ

It is almost time for the Wagoner Lion’s Club Lake Views & BBQ event March 31st-April 1st! Make sure you are following their Facebook for information and updates. 


FREE Tax Clinic for Seniors, Low Income, and Single Parents

High Tower Accounting and Tax hosted a free Tax Clinic for Seniors and Low-Income Citizens. The city of Wagoner authorized High Tower to utilize the Wagoner Civic Center free of charge to allow citizens to get their taxes taken care of free of charge. Linda Darnel Ministries served the attendees with drinks and refreshments to enjoy during their tax preparation appointment.

Wagoner Fire Department

On Monday, February 13th, 2023, the Wagoner Fire Department and some lake area departments participated in monthly training. This month’s exercise took place at the Wagoner Armory. The firefighters geared up and utilized the Wagoner County Fire Trust Authority’s simulation equipment. An artificial smoke machine emits thick clouds throughout the training course, just like a real fire would do. Three virtual fire panels are placed in different areas for the firefighters to extinguish. They can do live hose training and fire extinguisher training with these panels. Firefighters can even use a laser nozzle to practice with if their training facility needs to stay dry and mess-free. The Wagoner Fire Department maintains this training equipment, which can be checked out and utilized by all 14 fire departments in the area. Wagoner Fire Chief Kelly Grooms says, “This is a great training tool and activity for our area departments to utilize. We must train together because we all work together to save lives and extinguish fires.”

Wagoner Police Department Hosts FREE Vehicle Maintenance Clinic

On Saturday, February 11th, the Wagoner Police Department hosted a free Vehicle Maintenance Workshop at the Wagoner Civic Center. Several young adults were in attendance that will soon be on the road. Throughout the workshop, several subjects were covered. TJ Ponds showed attendees how to properly check tire pressure, tread depth and change a tire. TJ said it is essential to know what to do in the event of a blowout or flat tire before it occurs. If you know what to do, a stressful situation can be easier to get through. Ron Phillips with the City of Wagoner shop gave a presentation on dashboard lights, fluids, and other essential aspects of vehicle maintenance. Harold Baker and Sarah Dekker spoke about different fluids and some of Auto Zone’s services and tools to help with vehicle maintenance and repair. Jason Smith, with T&T Brake and Muffler, got underneath the hood of some vehicles. Jason explained the different parts, how to check fluids and more. Last but certainly not least, the Wagoner County Substance Use Consortium attended to disperse materials and resources about substance use. They gave away free Narcan and Deterra prescription medication disposal kits and addiction assistance resources. Thank you to Wagoner Wrecker and A Budget Wrecker for donating the vehicles and equipment used for the workshop.



The ADA sidewalks and Pedestrian Railroad Crossings are nearing completion. The Stormwater Project is in full swing, and Cherokee will be resurfaced very soon! Inclement weather, staffing shortages, and supply chain issues have caused delays in all projects. Crews have worked tirelessly and as fast as they can to complete these projects for months. The contractors and city crews have endured all types of weather to get this far, and they are excited for citizens to enjoy the fruits of their labor soon. City leaders are excited to see these projects completed and look forward to improving citizens’ quality of life by completing these major infrastructure projects.

We appreciate all you do for the community!

Wagoner Public Works Authority’s newest Journeyman Lineman

The City of Wagoner and Wagoner Public Works Authority is pleased to introduce you to the Electric Department’s newest Journeyman Lineman. Colton Risley is an employee of the Wagoner Public Works Authority and has been employed with the City of Wagoner for four years. On February 7th, 2023, Colton completed one of the world’s most comprehensive training programs for power line personnel. The Merchant Job Training and Safety Program is administered to line personnel in 40 states throughout the United States.

Colton and the support staff at the City of Wagoner and Wagoner Public Works Authority can be proud of this incredible accomplishment. Each utility has an acting Training Coordinator assisting their Trainees by administering “closed book” testing. The coordinators manage their people throughout the training process from rules set by the MJTS and the statewide association people. Congratulations to Colton on this significant accomplishment. Colton can now look forward to a gratifying lifelong career.

Leadership Wagoner

The inaugural class of Leadership Wagoner took on their 4th session and toured two manufacturing facilities during the Economic Development Business Day. The class took a tour of Unarco, North America’s leading shopping cart manufacturer, located right here in Wagoner, Oklahoma. Unarco opened up in Wagoner, Oklahoma in 1986. Each year Unarco manufacturers shopping carts that can be found in retailers all across the country. In addition to newly manufactured shopping carts, they also have a refurbishing program that reduces the environmental footprint and saves their customers money. Unarco employs approximately 300 employees. Before the tour at Unarco Broken Arrow Norman Stephens, Assistant City Manager of Administration spoke to the class about the challenges and triumphs of Economic Development, Norm said that to attract retail and restaurants, you must have industry; to have industry, you must have adequate numbers of rooftops. Retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores do heavy research when looking at locations. In fact, they probably know more about residents than they know about themselves. Population numbers and household income is another key factor in site selection. If a company is going to invest in a community, they want to know its business will be sustainable and profitable.

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars doing thorough research on site selection. After an exciting and fascinating tour at Unarco, the class went across the street to another major manufacturer in Wagoner, Oklahoma. The class was greeted by Pamela Stephens-Karns a Wagoner Economic Development Board member. Pam told us the story of how DMI came to be in Wagoner. Pam was a key player in helping DMI make their home in Wagoner. Pam reiterated what Norm had said earlier in the day about how tough economic development can be and gave the class a summary of what WEDA does. Ductmate Industries Inc. (DMI) is one of North America’s largest HVAC connector, component, and accessories manufacturers, making it one of the largest in the world. They design and produce many HVAC connectors, doors, sealants, and support systems. The Wagoner facility is the only DMI site that makes products from every one of DMI’s SBUs. They currently have 42 employees and hope to have 55 to 60 by year’s end. Last but certainly not least, the class ended the day at City Hall with the Wagoner Area Chamber of Commerce. Jessica Badley spoke on behalf of the chamber and explained to the group how it works and its function in the community.

You can find out more about Unarco and DMI on their website. Both manufacturers are hiring!

Need a ride? Call Ki Bois Area Transit System.

Ki Bois Area Transit System is a rural public transportation system that provides transportation primarily in the counties of Adair, Okmulgee, Cherokee, Haskell, Hughes, Latimer, Leflore, McIntosh, Sequoyah, Pittsburg, Okfuskee and Wagoner.

Need a ride? Call KATS at 918-485-0059. The rates in the flyer are available Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.

The new program is called the “Pick Program.” This program allows riders to utilize the service M-F from 5pm-10pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. To use the Pick Program request a ride through the UBER app or call 1-855-735-4826. For questions about rates or more information regarding the Pick Program call the KATS office at 918-485-0059 during business hours.

All services are open to the public and accommodate passengers needing ADA accessibility.

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